Unit 2: A Blog About Blogging

As a student who is working very hard to become a professional journalist, blogging is not necessarily my first choice when it comes to putting myself and my stories on the Internet. However, for this Emergent Media class I suppose I’ll give it a try.

This class will be a first for me in many ways, as this is also the first online course I have ever taken. So far I actually like it quite a bit because I can do my work whenever I have time, instead of fitting a physical class into my schedule.
Learning about the concept of media literacy is also a new challenge for me. Since reading the first and second chapter of the textbook “Media Literacy” by W. James Potter (8th edition), it has definitely become a topic of interest for me.

I have always tried to build myself into the type of person who can distinguish between fact and fiction, especially when it comes to the Internet and social media. That is what my definition of media literacy was before last week.

However now I realize that media literacy has more than one component, and while it does apply to distinguishing between fact and fiction, there’s a lot more to it than that.

My grandfather has always told me, “Expand your horizons.” He usually uses this phrase to get me to eat something new and out of the ordinary, however it also applies to the concept of media literacy.

People who go out of their comfort zone and explore types of media that they may have never experienced or felt necessary to engage in are participating in media literacy. By doing this, they are learning to interpret different types of media and are able to see others’ viewpoints on certain issues in a new light.

So, I suppose that by engaging in this new endeavor of blogging, I am actually participating in media literacy myself.

Here’s to expanding my horizons!

*Raises glass for a toast.*


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