OJ Exercise 7

Russian robot programmed to fire pistols

A Russian robot named FEDOR is shown in a new video firing a pair of Glock pistols. Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research (FEDOR) has been programmed to accompany Russian Federation spaceships in the near future, and its programmers wanted to see how much the robot could do.

Russian robot FEDOR simulates what drilling will be like in space.

The robot is not yet able to make decisions on its own, however it fires the pistols with great accuracy.

Artificial Intelligence software has been rising in popularity, and Russia is on top of the game with FEDOR in its arsenal. Although the robot’s mission is to go to space, it has potential to do many other things as well.

Maybe Russia will have new law enforcement officers in the future. Hopefully FEDOR’s programmers can work out the kinks first.


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